Atta way to shove it in her face, Jaylen.

When you think of teachers, you may think of human beings that maybe don't get enough credit, definitely don't get paid enough, and have the job of pushing students to bring out the best in them and help them "level up."

Which goes to show that this woman was not a teacher and didn't belong behind a desk educating and motivating youth.

Photo by Emiliano Bar on Unsplash / Getty Images
Photo by Emiliano Bar on Unsplash / Getty Images

Jaylen Brown High School Teacher

According to his bio on the Boston Celtics official website, Jaylen went to Wheeler High School in Marietta, Georgia. Back in 2014, when Jaylen was a senior at Wheeler, the headlines should've been what a future he was building for himself.

Instead, shortly before his graduation, Jaylen posted a message on what was then known as Twitter in April 28, 2014, that one of his high school teachers assumed that the only future he had was behind bars.

Nothing like motivating your students to do and be their best, huh, Teach?

Jaylen Brown 2014

The whole prediction by his teacher makes absolutely zero sense, too, considering he was already blazing a trail in basketball back in 2014. According to his Celtics bio, Jaylen won a FIBA Americas Championship gold medal as part of the USA Basketball Men's U18 National Team.

Jaylen Brown Foundation

And even though his teachers' comments would have you think Jaylen was terrorizing his community, he couldn't have been doing more of the opposite, creating The 7uice Foundation, whose mission states:

The 7uice Foundation partners with institutions, organizations and social change leaders to bridge the opportunity gap for youth in traditionally underserved Black and Brown communities.

And unlike his teacher predicted, not only was Jaylen not "in the Cobb County Jail in 5 years," but in 2019, he was already in his third and fourth season with the Boston Celtics, and doing positive things around the community like speaking at MIT, becoming the NBA's first player to join the MIT Media Lab's Fellowship Program.

Jaylen Brown MVP

Further proving his high school teacher wrong, within 10 years of that "motivating" message from his "teacher," not only did he sign the richest contract in NBA history in 2023, he also became the NBA Eastern Conference Finals MVP on May 27, 2024, helping the Boston Celtics reach the NBA Finals for the 23rd time in franchise history to begin chasing their record-breaking 18th title.

Do you think Jaylen thanks his teacher after every successful milestone he achieves for the motivation?

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