Frosty's Donuts Maine

Closing in on its 60th year in business in Downtown Brunswick, Maine, Frosty's Donuts has been an institution since opening on Maine Street back in 1965.

Named after the original owners, Bob and June Frost, Frosty's has gotten all the love from all the major players, including Downeast Magazine, Travel & Leisure, and Saveur Magazine.

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Frosty's Donuts Sold

And, thankfully, with the high bar the Frost's set for the beloved business when they first opened, that bar hasn't dropped at all since 2011, when the Frost's sold the go-to spot for friends to meet up for a cup of coffee and a donut to Nels and Shelby Omdal.

In fact, not only have the Omdal's kept the high-level of quality expected at Frosty's in the same elite spot its been since the '60s, if anything, they've elevated the business to a new level, always adding new donut creations to their product line, as well as expanding the menu to offer multiple bagel and coffee options as well.

And, with the amount that Frosty's has taken care of Brunswick residents and even visitors to the town, the Omdal's are not only asking us to take care of them in return, but other businesses in the area as well.

Frosty's Donuts via Facebook
Frosty's Donuts via Facebook

Brunswick Maine Sidewalk Construction

While tree removal and other prep work for the massive sidewalk project along the west side of Maine Street in Brunswick started at the end of April, the actual construction officially began a few days into May, currently laid out between Mill Street and Gilman Street.

According to the Town of Brunswick website, the west side construction will happen in sections and, if all goes according to plan, will be fully completed by the end of November 2024.

In the meantime, Frosty's Donuts, which stands right where the barriers currently begin at the time of this writing, has a plea for the public.

Please support Frosty’s and all the Maine Street businesses during the construction time. Make use of the off-street public parking and plan a few extra minutes to do your shopping.


According to the Town of Brunswick, construction on the east side of Maine Street will begin in 2025.

The amazing thing about Mainers and those from away that visit -- we're always big on supporting local. Just don't forget to keep supporting these local businesses just because there's some action going on in front of their buildings.

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