News Center Maine meteorologist Keith Carson is not only good at forecasting Maine's weather, but he's also really funny and isn't afraid to let that show on air. What other meteorologist describes the forecast as a slow decline, like his career?

Or gets tied up by Slugger when the Portland Sea Dogs' opening day gets snowed out?

Things like this have made Carson one of Maine's most popular meteorologists. So popular, in fact, that a Maine brewery has created an IPA in his honor.

Side by Each Brewing Company on Minot Avenue in Auburn has released an IPA called "Keith Carson's Backdoor Cold Front", and the artwork on the can is fantastic.

That's right. He gets his face on the can.

Keith Carson's Backdoor Cold Front was a name that Carson came up with back in 2019 when a T̶w̶i̶t̶t̶e̶r̶  X user named Kristin, who worked at the now-closed Waterville Brewing, asked Keith to help her with a clever name for a winter-themed IPA. His response was, "Backdoor Cold Front."

It took almost five years for Backdoor Cold Front to become a thing. Side By Each Brewing says the Carson IPA is...

...brewed with corn and rice and fermented with lager yeast but at ale-like temperatures, providing a neutral canvas for hops to shine on. Dry, light, and crisp, and bursting with the flavors and aromas of American hops.

It's available now at Side by Each Brewing at 1110 Minot Avenue in Auburn.

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Put on your "smedium," head to Auburn, and grab an ice-cold Keith Carson Backdoor Cold Front.

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