Food Recall

It happens from time to time where word of a food recall will come to light, either because somehow bits of plastic from a machine at a plant was mixed into the product, or E. coli or Salmonella was found, but rarely is there a recall because of something food allergy-related.

Well, that rarity has now become a reality in three New England states -- Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash / Alena Dvorakova / Townsquare Media
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash / Alena Dvorakova / Townsquare Media

Hannaford Trail Mix

In a post on the official Hannaford website, there has been a recall on their private brand Indulgent Trail Mix due to mislabeling involving lack of information that effects people with food allergies, specifically tree nut allergies.

According to the Hannaford website, the listing of "tree nut allergens (almonds)" may be missing from the labels of the affected packages. And, while it's always safer to assume that any trail mix contains some type of nuts, there are some brands that specifically exclude nuts as an included ingredient, hence why correct labeling is so important.

The impacted packages have all been removed from shelves, but since some may have already been purchases, the recalled product information is as follows, per the Hannaford announcement:

The 12 oz. packages of Indulgent Trail Mix, purchased between November 1, 2023 and June 3, 2024, may be missing the “tree nut allergen (almonds)” specification on its label. The sell-by date is October 1, 2024.


Google Maps
Google Maps

The full recall details, including the Recalled UPC number and exact Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts store locations that have been impacted by the recall can be found on the official Hannaford website.

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