Look at the claw on this thing! WHOA, what an unexpected catch. The size of this lobster is crazy big, and that's coming from anyone, including myself, who's seen lobsters in a tank of water.

Anyway, even this Maine lobster fisherman says this may be the biggest lobster catch he's ever had, and Jacob Knowles is a fifth-generation Maine lobsterman. That's saying something, including the rarity of such a catch.

According to Jacob's Instagram post (which I originally found on the Outdoors website), this guy weighs well over ten pounds, making it at least a century old. Yup, he's been living the good life in the Atlantic Ocean for around 100 years.

Don't worry, this lobster gets to continue his or her life, because it's illegal to keep a lobster this size, according Jacob. If a lobster caught by a lobster fisherman is more than five inches long, back to the perfectly-chilled Maine waters for them, to continue their lobster life.

Here's Jacob's post on Insta. You'll find his enthusiastically informative video just as intriguing and exciting as me, I'm sure, including how he knows how long this guy has been around.

As you heard, the best way to age a lobster is seven years for every pound. What's even more interesting is how important this lobster is for breeding because of his size (insert whatever joke you want here, because I don't plan to, LOL).

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