He may have saved the Pats. But he’s no match for cats.

Tom Brady is in the news yet again after NFL pundit Rich Eisen suggested the New England Patriots legend could return yet again to play for the Miami Dolphins.

This is something we might as well get used to as long as “The GOAT” walks the Earth (I wonder if the Jets could turn things around with a Tom Brady hologram...).

To be fair, Brady did bring this on himself in a big way last year when he capped off his lengthy farewell and victory lap by coming back to play another season. However, his response to Eisen’s speculation instead breathed new life into rumors he’s pursuing a career in standup comedy:

Not bad, Tom. Not bad at all. I can see that getting some clapter from the "parents who are just happy to be out of the house!"

Does the cat hate Mondays but love lasagna? If so, it shares at least a couple traits with, you guessed it, Bill Belichick.

Brady endured the rockiest season of his career before deciding to hang ‘em up (we think). In addition to a difficult divorce, he was also named in a major cryptocurrency lawsuit (if he were smart, he would’ve scooped up some sand from the beach where he self-shot his retirement video and made major bank like one guy did on eBay).

At least publicly, though, Brady has been in good spirits through it all, publicly reconciling with Coach Bill Belichick and entertaining the idea of signing a one-day contract to retire as a Patriot.

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