The town of Scarborough is facing a bear of a problem (cue rim shot).

The Scarborough Police posted this recently on its Facebook page to make town residents aware of a black bear roaming the Pine Point neighborhood. The bear clearly must be ready for beach season.

The police, with advice from Maine Game Wardens, have been monitoring the situation of the bear, which had been located and hunkered down. Authorities were waiting for the evening hours in hopes it would wonder out of the area. And it seems that's exactly what happened, because later in the day, the police provided another update.

It must have a been a real fun night for families with pets in the Pine Point area. As someone who owns a dog who is a retired bear tracker, I imagine it would have been a night of howling at my house if I lived in that neighborhood. Yeah, no thanks.

As of writing this article, there are no new developments to report. Hopefully this will end as peacefully and humanely as possible. The bear just needs a little help finding his way back to the Orono wilderness. If that bear knew what he would have to pay in Scarborough property taxes, it would probably take off in no time.

The Scarborough Police also wisely included information about how to act if encountered by a bear, because people tend to be a bit too cavalier with wildlife. I mean, just spend five minutes on YouTube and you can easily see how incredibly ignorant the human race can be with animals they don't encounter often.

Be safe out there, folks. And remember, don't poke the bear.

UPDATE: Scarborough parents were sent an email this morning that the bear was down by the railroad tracks and no other sightings had been reported. It is likely the bear was moved on from the area. However, there is no confirmation of that at this time.

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