Netflix has confirmed May 20 as the release date for the feature film Jackass 4.5 and, accompanying the announcement, is a video trailer that teases a previously unseen stunt called "Swingset Gauntlet."

The news comes just one month after the latest flick from Johnny Knoxville and the rest of his misfit crew of pranksters, Jackass Forever, arrived on a rival streaming platform, Paramount+, following a box office release that grossed more than $70 million worldwide.

On Twitter, Netflix stated, "Get ready for more stunts and stupidity with Jackass 4.5, an all-new feature film featuring the whole crew! Here's a small taste of what you can expect when it premieres May 20 on Netflix... This is the Swingset Gauntlet!"

In the clip of the swingset stunt, seen below, participants don one-piece animal costumes and stand on wooden boxes that are sent gliding across a track in front of the swingset as others, swinging back and forth, attempt to land a firm kick and send their friends flying through the air.

Things take a particularly violent turn when one participant, Nick Merlino, takes an exercise ball into the line of fire. A kick connects with it and launches Merlino skyward, but gravity makes quick work of him and brings him crashing back to the ground with an overwhelming thud and a roar of laughter from the others standing by.

For Netflix, the impending arrival of Jackass 4.5 could serve as a small boon in the wake of a recent report of net subscriber loss, down 200,000 subscribers after the first quarter of 2022 despite a forecast of adding 2.5 million users, per Reuters. The company has forecasted it will lose another 2 million subscribers in the second quarter of this year and, as of Tuesday night (April 19), the streaming platform's stock price fell by 26 percent, which is a roughly $40 billion loss in market value.

Netflix Share Jackass 4.5 Teaser Clip

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