The school system in Jay got a nasty shock this morning, according to a report by WCSH. Channel 6 states that all schools on the system, which includes Spruce Mountain Elementary, Middle and High Schools, is on lockdown today due to a prank call. Fortunately, state police looking into the matter said the threat had "no validity." Police are still on the scene.

I don't know what exactly to make of this whole scenario, but I'd imagine that it's probably a student trying to get out of class for the day. Not unheard of, right? Maybe one that didn't finish the summer project on time? Regardless, a prank call threatening the lives of other kids is dangerous and moronic.

Look, I get not wanting to go back to school - the end of the summer was always one of the harder thing to cope with as a kid, because it meant a 9-month end to both warmth and freedom. I also understand prank calls, as some of the greatest exchanges ever had between two people have taken place via phone during them.

However, a fake threat to get school to close down or a day? How about just take the 0% on your first homework assignment, rather than have to deal with the police? Seems like a no brainer, but alas.

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