The video for Extreme's "More Than Words" is not one of the more memorable videos of the 90s but it didn't really matter because it was all about the song back in 1991. Last night on The Tonight's Show, Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black decided to do their take on the former MTV power rotation classic. The attention to detail when remaking this is what makes it so great, not to mention Fallon in the role of Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt and Black as singer Gary Cherone. Now it's time to compare the two!

Now that you've watched those and hopefully gotten a good laugh, I now encourage you to watch Weird Al Yankovic's video for "You Don't Love Me Anymore". Although the song is an Al original, it has an acoustic feel to just as "Words" does and the video was definitely done with that video in mind. Not to mention the song lyrics are hilarious.



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