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Jimmy Fallon Was Supposed to Replace Taran Killam as SNL’s Trump
Back in those optimistic days of 2015, SNL made a trumpeting announcement that Taran Killam would succeed series vet Darrell Hammond under Donald Trump’s famous hair, though the impression seemed to have been retired with the presidential candidate’s actual hosting. Hammond has resumed the role ever since, with Killam shifting into the role of Texas senator Ted Cruz, though it seems SNL had in mind to tap Jimmy Fallon’s Trump impression in December, before returning the role to Hammond.
‘The Force Awakens’ Cast Sings the ‘Star Wars’ Theme A Cappella With Jimmy Fallon
When you’re out promoting a movie, you’re often asked to do a lot of things, most of them pretty silly. With the amount of press the cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was being asked to do, there were asked to do a lot of silly things, none perhaps as silly as going on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and singing a medley of Star Wars music a cappella. But the entire cast — including Harrison Ford! — actually commits, and it actually turns out to pretty fun.
Fallon does it again
Last night on The Tonight's Show, Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black decided to do their take on the former MTV power rotation classic. The attention to detail when remaking this is what makes it so great, not to mention Fallon in the role of Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt and Black as singer Gary Cherone. Now it's time to compare the two!
SNL 40: Jimmy Fallon Recaps the After Party, With Lots of Name-Dropping
The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon might be prone to brief spats of name-dropping – hey, the guy knows a lot of people! – but on last night’s show, it was at least somewhat appropriate. Still recovering from Sunday night’s SNL 40 super special, Fallon was eager to share his recollections of the evening with his studio audience (and also Questlove, who was actually there, but who charitably recounted the whole evening with the giddy Fallon). There were a lot of people there!
‘Fifty Shades’ Star Dakota Johnson Tries to Make Fanny Packs Sound Sexy With Jimmy Fallon
The upcoming 'Fifty Shades of Grey' feature might not be everyone's cup of sexy tea, but leading lady Dakota Johnson would like to at least attempt to change the minds of potential viewers who don't think that anything—yes, anything—can be sexy with the right attitude. On last night's 'Tonight Show,' Johnson was tasked with reading off a series of decidedly unsexy lines, including stuff about Chapstick (?) and sweatpants (?) in an attempt to make them alluring.

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