Could you be fined for having a dog on your lap? What about watching a DVD while behind the wheel? Here are some of the most obscure driving laws in Maine. 

Blame it on road rage, but there's a solid chance you've driven past someone doing SOMETHING in their car and said "that's totally illegal". You know what? You might be right. According to, here are a few of Maine's most obscure driving laws and whether or not they could cost you.


Driving With A Dog (or Cat) In Your Lap: LEGAL

This scene has almost become commonplace across Maine but as it turns out, it's completely legal. Only 2 states in the country outlaw it, New Jersey and Hawaii. However, if you get into an accident because of your dog/cat, you may be liable.


Driving While Tired: ILLEGAL

Maine is one of only 8 states in the country that has specific laws against getting behind the wheel (or staying behind the wheel) when exhausted. You could end up paying under the distracted driving laws that exist in the state. Stay awake!



Driving Too Slowly In The "Passing" Lane: ILLEGAL

You've probably seen the sign, "keep right except to pass" but often times, especially on busy highways, that's not always the case. Police CAN pull you over and fine you for obstructing the passing lane, although it's not typically enforced.


Driving With Headphones On: LEGAL

16 states in the country outlaw this, citing emergency vehicles and driver's responsiveness to them as the major reason but here in Maine, there are no laws against cranking the tunes (or whatever else) in your headphones while driving.

Businessman listening to headphones on a train


Driving A Golf Cart In The Street: LEGAL

No, you won't see anyone blazing down I-295 in a golf cart, but Maine does permit golf cart use in streets in low speed areas and around golf courses. Islands that are habitable also get a pass for this obscure law.

Golf cart driver
Romans Koksarovs


Watching a DVD/Movie While Driving: ILLEGAL

It's supposed to be outlawed for any driver to have visibility in their automobile of any movie or playback systems but it does happen...and it could cost you. If you're spotted watching your favorite flick while attempting to drive, look out!


Driving Without A Front Bumper: LEGAL (well...kind of)

If your car came with a front bumper that has since been ripped off, you're violating the law BUT if you've modded your car/truck to intentionally not have a front bumper, then you're off the hook.


Driving With A Cracked Windshield: ILLEGAL

The law states if you have a crack longer than six inches, you're in violation. Additionally, any cracks or blemishes six inches and smaller that obstruct a driver's clear view are against the law.

Broken windshield in the car accident
Ocskay Bence


Driving Around A Funeral Procession: LEGAL

Most of have been taught that when a funeral procession is in front of you, pay your respects and don't pass them. However, here in Maine, it's technically not against the law to do so. But your respects!!


Driving While Barefoot: LEGAL

If you come off the beach and start driving barefoot, that's cool, no law broken. But you can be held responsible if you're barefoot-ness causes you to lose control or be distracted while driving. Have some shoes handy.


Having An Open Container Of Alcohol In The Car: ILLEGAL

Believe it or not, there's more than a dozen states in the U.S. where this ISN'T illegal but here in Maine, whether it's your passengers fault or not, you are on the hook. Don't do it...heck, don't even think about doing it.

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