Nostalgia kicked in hard when I came across this video. Having grown up in the valley of North Conway, it brought back a lot of memories and fueled different emotions. Having the town you knew growing up look so different is both strange and kind of depressing, mainly in result of those places that aren't there anymore. Places like the Mountain Valley Mall, Barnaby's and Fandangle's restaurants etc. In addition, lots of trees cut down. A lot more retail and a lot more traffic has come in over the years. However, if you're a local or you're familiar with the North/South Road, you're likely to dodge most of the traffic. On a positive note, it also brought back a lot of good memories.  For me, the influx on retail and developments is outweighed by ski areas, mountains, hiking trails and river spots will always be there...mostly in there original form.

Bob White, I'm not sure who you are, but thanks for filming and posting to YouTube! If you're familiar with "the strip" on Route 16, you'll probably enjoy this video time warp seventeen years back to 1999!





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