Maine is considering a move that law enforcement discourages but car enthusiast endorse, eliminating required license plates in the front of all automobiles on the road. According to WGME, a bill that would remove requirements to display a valid license plate with a registration on the front of your vehicle in Maine will be debated on Monday.

Only 19 other states in the country allow cars to legally drive on the roads with only a license plate on the back of their car. According to, there are currently no states in New England that take part of the one license plate rule.

Law enforcement isn't a fan of the removal of front license plates as an option. Police point to the amount of times front license plates have played vital roles in solving serious cases. Any opportunity for witnesses or cameras to identify cars involved in any type of situation is helpful for police. Removing them could considerably hinder investigations.

Car enthusiasts look at the removal of front license plates differently. The removal of the plate would allow more creativity with the front end of the vehicle. It would also allow sellers of automobiles to completely remove the license plate holder and Maine would only need to issue one license plate per registered vehicle, halving the need for license plate creation.

The bill has not yet been passed but if it is, similar to the registration bill put forth a couple weeks back, it will take effect quickly.

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