If Maine had a second nickname, it may be Lobster Roll Land. People from across the world flock to Maine in the spring and summer months to devour our famous lobster rolls. But will they still show up in droves to Vacationland if the prices are way above the normal rate?

The spring and summer of 2017 may be a case theory.

According to Kathleen Pierce of the Bangor Daily News, lobster prices around the world are soaring right now at a five-year high. That means, for the foreseeable future, lobster roll prices at some of Maine's favorite dining destinations will easily be surpassing $20 and could end up coming closer to $30 PER ROLL.

The cold winter coupled with an increased worldwide demand is partly to blame for the boom in price. Beyond that, chain restaurants like McDonald's, D'Angelo's, and Panera Bread have all increased their demand for lobster, specifically in the summer, which will ultimately leave smaller businesses attempting to figure out how to balance delivering lobster rolls to their customers without completely pricing them out.

Lobster rolls are now as expensive, or more expensive, than prime cuts of beef at upscale restaurants across the state. And if the price continues to explode, lobster rolls could easily become the most expensive item on most menus in Maine.

So far, nobody has squawked too loudly about the price point. Last year, lobster rolls across the state were averaging around $17 per roll. An increase of $3-5 per roll may be manageable enough for locals and are unlikely to deter tourists looking to satisfy their craving for Maine lobster. But will there be a breaking point? Only time will tell.


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