Okay, this is getting a bit ridiculous. I again am talking about the Auburn, Maine, Walmart pole. A pole that I'm sure will one day have a book written about it (no, not by Stephen King).

It seems that nothing will keep people from hitting this pole in the parking lot of Auburn's Walmart to the point where it is basically becoming a landmark. Seriously though, people drive for hours (or even fly to Maine) just to visit a pole that keeps getting hit by cars.

Not only that, it is now no longer just Maine news.

Other than the Facebook and Instagram pages created to talk about and post pictures of the pole, this Walmart pole is getting national recognition....national!

Not only was the pole written about in the Boston Herald, no, but it has also been picked up by Dialy Mail and the Miami Herald. The Boston Herald article got Bostonians to talk some "smack" about Mainers, so I can only imagine what the world is thinking right now.

But, I'm sorry, the Miami Herald??? So many ridiculous stories come from Florida, thus why people call them "Florida Man" stories. We know that people in Florida do some crazy things, but for something that happens in Maine to be picked up by Florida, just seems bad.

I get it, it is ridiculous that one pole keeps getting hit multiple times. The fact that there are designated social media pages and even an Etsy shop created about the pole seems a bit over the top, but it's been keeping us Mainers entertained (don't lie, you probably try to keep up to date on what's happening with the pole).

Never would I have thought that a simple pole in a Walmart parking lot would have gained national attention as well as basically become a local celebrity.

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