Okay, take a second and think. Yes, there are many popular things in the state of Maine, but two things I feel are the most popular are horror author Stephen King and the Auburn Maine Walmart pole. Is it sad that a pole made the list along with a famous author?  Of course, it is, but that one pole has caused a lot of commotion and has made both national and international news!

In case you do not know about the pole, all you need to know is that it is actually a spot sign in the parking lot of the Walmart in Auburn, Maine, and no matter what Walmart does, people keep crashing into the pole with their cars.

Honestly, the pole has become so famous that people will travel to just visit and take a picture with it, just like they do when they pass Stephen King's house.

This got me thinking... what if Stephen King was to write a horror novel about the Auburn Walmart pole?

Honesty, I imagine it to be along these lines:

In the middle of the lot, it waits for its next victim. A curse that cannot be undone and affects many. You may think that you are safe, but in reality, no one is.

Okay, I kind of imagine a "Christine" like situation, where instead of a possessed car, it's a possessed pole in a Walmart parking lot. Instead of turning on music, and lights, and having a mind of its own, however, it lures people in causing a big crash, or worse.

I mean, it is Stephen King we are talking about, so there is a good chance that he could also write about how it's built on an ancient burial ground (no, I do not know if the parking lot actually is).

I mean Stephen King makes up a ton of Maine-based horror fiction, so why not base a story on slightly true events that happened in Maine?

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