This storm has given all of us a little extra time to play around, and that includes two weather guys from WCSH-6, who had a good back and forth on Twitter. 

As we still remain cooped up from a massive blizzard that's dropped an insane amount of snow in our door yards, a little lighthearted humor might be needed to life the spirits. Enter in two of WCSH-6's most popular personalities, Keith Carson and Tom Johnston (aka TJ Thunder).

Seemingly out of nowhere, Carson decided to take a jab at Johnston's outfit, comparing him to the classic horror villain Freddy Krueger. Twitter erupted in joy, with the post receiving more than 30 likes seemingly instantly. What did TJ Thunder have to say about this?

Ominous warning for sure. But more comments continued to come in. And most of them seemed to support Carson's position on this; TJ Thunder dressed like he was a body double on the Nightmare On Elm Street.

It wasn't all doom and gloom for Johnston however. Another commenter suggested that he looked like Joe from the children's television show Blues Clues. Not a horrible comparison, although not nearly as precise as the Freddy Krueger comparison.

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