If there's one thing I know about Maine, it's that we love being up in everyone's business.

I can say this for three reasons.

1. I have lived here for the majority of my life and have witnessed this.

2. I am absolutely a part of this crowd, as I do indeed love being up in everyone's business.

3. The most popular social media app in the state is, of course, Facebook.

According to Vividmaps.com, a site that (you'll never guess) specializes in mapping out data, Mainers get down with Facebook more than any other social media app. The 'book finished ahead of Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and the rest of the time-wasting, society-ruining applications.

Maine is one eight states where Facebook is the most popular, but is the only one from New England.

Like I said before, it's not surprising whatsoever. This is a state full of gossip queens, including yours truly. And there is no app in this world that caters to gossip queens more than Facebook. Plus, Mainers do have a propensity to overshare. And where is the easiest place to do that? You guessed it, Facebook.

Look, this is not the greatest of news, but it could be much worse. We could be Massachusetts or Rhode Island, two states that both have Reddit as the most popular social media app. At least we can say Maine isn't where most of the psychotic conspiracy theorists live.

I'd probably have to say New Hampshire and Vermont are the most stable, with Pinterest being the most popular. That's followed closely by Connecticut with Instagram. I mean, who doesn't love those reels?

The state I'm most jealous of is actually not a state, but DC. The capital is the only region that has my beloved Twitter (or X) as the most popular. There is no drug social media app that even comes close to the magic and ridiculousness of Twitter. It really should be all of our most popular.

You can check out the entire country map here. It's interesting to see the different regions and where the states fall.

I look forward to gossiping with you on Facebook.

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