A local bartender was shocked and humbled when he reached for the signed receipt from a customer.

Facebook via Rob Riccitelli

Rob Riccitelli works the bar on Monday afternoons and evenings at Fore Play Sports Pub in Portland's Old Port. You may know Rob from his days at 94.3 WCYY or this incredibly photogenic shot of him running the Beach 2 Beacon. Rob is everyone's friend and he plays the best music while he mixes up a mean drink for his thirsty customers.

Rob was closing out a tab for a customer he had never met when he noticed what appeared to be an error on the tip line. The patron tipped Rob a generous $100 on a $7 tab. 

I've heard about these rare situations but last night I was lucky enough to be the recipient. It was packed and I was the only one behind the bar. It was stressful, as anyone in this industry can relate to, but I managed to stay focused and still have fun.

He told Rob, "This is not a mistake, you're doing a great job back there tonight."

Facebook via Rob Riccitelli

Rob explained in his Facebook post: 

He then said something along the lines that there are always customers who don't appreciate the bartender by yelling out orders, not tipping, etc. but he wasn't one of those people. In the 8 short months I've been behind the bar, that's got to be the pinnacle so far. The tip was awesome, but the words went a long way too.

Rob said he's inspired to pay it forward and may buy someone a coffee in the drive-thru later this week.