When it comes to abandoned things in Maine, there will always be fascination. Whether it's old schoolhouses, ski resorts or in this case, a pond-side cabin. But unlike other abandoned posts we've done in the past, we're looking for a little help as to the backstory of this place.

Shared on Facebook by Abandoned Spaces, we head to the banks of Sabattus Pond, located just a few miles from Lewiston where a man named Marc Anthony Smith spotted this abandoned old cabin with the incredible pond views. As of this writing, we're not exactly sure when this picture was taken or if this cabin is still in its current state but IF it is, it should be considered a modern marvel.

An abandoned cabin sitting upright and intact while balancing on a rock alongside the shores of Sabattus Pond? Stunning. And something you'd totally expect to find in Maine! As some of the commenters on the Abandoned Spaces Facebook post have suggested, it looks like it could have been pulled from a horror movie set any day of the week.

Our best guess is you should probably stay far away from ever attempting to step foot in this building, but if you've been crazy enough to step inside and take a few photos, please share them with us. We'll update this blog post.

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