Winter is officially winding down, and for a lot of us here in Maine, it can't come soon enough. But winter never goes out quietly, and it appears Mother Nature has at least one more storm on late-Sunday into Monday for us before we can flip the script and think spring.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, just how much snow we'll be getting depends on which forecast model you want to believe. The GFS model, typically known to exaggerate snow totals, is calling for a foot or more along the coastline. Given the pattern of this winter, that seems highly unlikely as the storm moves closer.

More likely is the Canadian model that is promising exactly what we've seen for most of the 2019 winter. 5-7 inches of snow turning to some sort of sleet and rain mix as the storm tapers out. That would be more in-line with everything we've seen this winter so far, but snow lovers will continue to dream.

The storm is still far enough out that the timing of it arriving is still a little unclear. It's likely going to arrive in southern Maine late-Sunday night into early-Monday morning and probably make for a messy morning commute and potential school closings and delays.

Hang in there, Spring is coming...and soon!

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