Treehouse Fantasy

Was there anything like a treehouse when you were a kid? You either had one (lucky), wanted one, or in most cases, tried unsuccessfully to build one. They were the ultimate fantasy.

Treehouses Go Hollywood

Who doesn't remember the mansion-like treehouse from "Swiss Family Robinson," or the sweet setup in any version of Peter Pan? There was no question that Hollywood made treehouses even cooler.

Even as we get older, we don't lose that passion for upscale elm living. I've seen plenty a treehouse built by Gen X'er parents, and there's even a show dedicated to the craft. Treehouse culture is here to stay, and in a big way.

Treehouse Rentals

While most of us still don't have a sweet treehouse to call our own, we have thankfully been saved by Airbnb and other rental websites. It's never been easier to find funky places to stay, including maple mansions.

I decided to do a search and ended up finding quite the property in Hancock, Maine. This 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath "treehouse" is an absolute must-rent for any oak abode connoisseur.

Make no mistake about it, this is a stay at a luxurious home. It's 900 square feet of beautiful wooden walls and features. The treehouse has a usable kitchen, incredible living room with dining area, loft bedroom, master suite, closed-in patio, state-of-the-art bathroom with jacuzzi, and even an outdoor shower. The place is simply stunning.

Starting at $800 a night, it's a perfect spot for a couple or even a family as big as six.

The Treehouse is hosted by Ryan and can be booked here.

Amazing Treehouse Rental Close to Bar Harbor

Tucked away in Hancock, Maine, is this exceptionally unique rental. This treehouse is perfect for anyone or small group looking for an unforgettable stay.

This treehouse is awaiting your arrival. It's available from host Ryan through airbnb.

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