There is a monumental sense of pride that comes across most Mainers when one of "us" makes the big time. Maybe it is due to living in a small, communal state. Or, maybe we're just better than most, and genuinely enjoy people's successes.

Anna Kendrick, Patrick Dempsey, Brad Pitt (he's from Millinocket, right?) and Stephen King are just some of the household names here in Maine. They are the first line of defense when battling your "From Away" friends about whose state is the best (seriously, don't use Brad Pitt). While the list is strong, we are always hoping to add to it.

Enter actor Matthew Delamater.

The Portland Press Herald profiled Matthew recently, as the Bridgton-based actor gets ready for the debut of his new film "The Tender Bar". Delamater, who has spent the majority of his career grinding it out on the acting circuit, found himself acting alongside Ben Affleck, while George Clooney directed.

This was quite the turn for the veteran actor, who has put in his time.

This could be a serious stepping stone for the 40-year-old Delamater, who only started acting at the age of 26, according to the Press Herald. Even with the young career, Delamater has a wealth of movie and television credits to his name, including  "Tumbledown" and "Daddy's Home 2". He also has had a very successful theater career.

Fortunately for Delamater he will have an entire state behind him. Maine loves when our own succeed.

I'm convinced there's no other state like it. Whether it's an athlete competing at a world-class level, an artist attempting to hit stardom, or a resident competing on a reality show, there's no question the state will be cheering on closely.

And, since folks from small states always seem to play the underdog role, Maine's collective chip on the shoulder remains strong.

However, the chip could be softening, especially with Boston becoming a destination for filmmaking.

The Portland Press Herald writes that Massachusetts has used film incentives to attract many of the country's biggest names and studios. It has also opened up a potential talent pipeline to Northern New England, with many more regional opportunities to local artists, like Delamater.

Even better is Delamater can still live and raise his family in Maine, while making the short trip to Boston to work, including on "The Tender Bar", which was filmed in numerous Massachusetts locations.

You can support Delamater very soon, as "The Tender Bar" is set to premiere in limited release this Friday, December 17, with a nationwide premiere on Dec. 22.

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