If you've had just about enough of winter and are truly ready for it feel like spring in Maine, well, Mother Nature has different ideas apparently. Weather models are spitting all kinds of scenarios for Thursday and Friday and most of them just aren't pretty.

It appears that a nor'easter is brewing with the likelihood that it arrives Thursday night into Friday. Whether or not the atmospheric conditions are conducive to snow is still up for debate. What doesn't seem to debatable, is that we will see storm conditions, with plenty of precipitation and high wind gusts as well.

There's also a chance that southern Maine squeaks out of this without much of anything from this storm. Some models are showing a graze job on the southern portion while eastern Maine and portions of the mountains take the brunt of it.


The FV3 model, which hasn't been terribly reliable this winter, is calling for a significant snow event across Maine. That includes nearly a foot in some places in southern Maine, and up to nearly two feet for portions of the mountains and eastern Maine. That is highly unlikely to take place, but it's worth keeping an eye on.

So put that spring fever on hold, we may need those shovels and snowblowers one more time before they get put away for the season.


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