This is literally the definition of bittersweet.

This story is both absolutely incredible and yet overwhelmingly devastating.

According to the Kennebec Journal, a Maine man is alive this morning because his dog alerted him to his house being on fire. And, thanks to his amazing pup, even though his house completely burned to the ground, he's alive to tell the tale.

The newspaper reports that the fire, which happened in the Maine town of Anson, broke out early in the morning on Wednesday at a home on Embden Pond Road.

Anson's Fire Chief, Stacey Beane, said that the fire began in the 3 am hour on Wednesday morning, according to the KJ, and that the man DID have working smoke detectors in his house but was woken up by the dog before they had even gone off.

Because of the heroic acts of the pit bull/lab mix, the Maine man was able to escape his home without any injuries. After the man and the dog were outside, the dog turned and ran back into the home... he never returned.

Though the dog ran back into the burning Maine home, we can only assume that it was to make sure there was nothing or no one else that needed saving. Sadly, firefighters discovered the dog's body in one of the home's bedrooms after the fire had been extinguished, according to the newspaper.

The KJ reports that fire crews from Madison, Starks and Anson all responded to help battle the blaze. Officials aren't exactly sure what sparked the fire, though they think the cold temperatures may have been a factor as the man was using an electric space heater to help keep warm, the newspaper stated.

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