According to WGME 13, Maine's Governor, Janet Mills, tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday afternoon.

The news station reports that the governor tested for the virus after developing a "scratchy throat." The governor said aside from the throat irritation she is feeling well with no other symptoms.

The governor, and big vaccine supporter, received her second COVID booster dose on the 8th of April, the news station reported.

She said Thursday in a statement;

“This is a good reminder that even though we may want to be done with COVID, it’s not necessarily done with us. I’m grateful for the strong protection that the vaccine has provided me, which I believe is one of the reasons why I am still feeling well. I’ll be spending the next few days working remotely, monitoring my symptoms, and fully recovering. I look forward to getting back out when I can and enjoying all that a beautiful Maine spring has to offer. I hope that all eligible Maine people will get vaccinated if they haven’t already, and get a booster dose as well, so as to stay as safe and healthy as possible.”

The WGME article states that she will isolate for a minimum of five days.

According to WABI, the Maine CDC reported on Wednesday 280 new COVID cases and one death.

The news station stated that there have been "60,691 total cases since March of last year."

You can read more COVID data from the Maine CDC at this website page.

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