Does it seem like your local gas station is not just creeping higher every time you drive by, but jumping? Well, you're not alone.

My go-to station was $4.43/gal on Saturday, and this morning, May 18th, $4.67.

The highest on my commute was $4.75 but friends in both South Portland and Hampden have reported seeing $4.89!

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I can confidently say that since getting my license at 18 years old, this is the highest I have ever experienced.

Turns out we are justified in our concerns. In a report by WMTW, the state of Maine is seeing gas prices skyrocket at a rate faster than most of the country.

In their report, they note a state average of $4.67. WGME notes that's the highest average Maine has ever seen. Cumberland County is the highest in Maine at $4.74. By the rate of things, that could be smashed by the time the sun sets.

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Maine ranks at #9 on a AAA list of the largest weekly increase in the country. Maine isn't the only New England state feeling the pinch, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut also made the top 10 list.

Want the cheap stuff? You'll have to head up to Penobscot County just before Orono, to Veazie. Veazie's Citgo on State Street was last priced at $4.25/gal according to GasBuddy.

This problem is exacerbated by the fact that Maine is incredibly inaccessible. Public transportation is not available in most areas. Many have to travel an hour or more just to get to doctor's appointments. With gas prices inching toward $5/gal, high bills from CMP, and groceries going up (those items need to be distributed somehow!) it's no wonder so many Mainers put taking care of themselves on the back burner. It's no wonder that parents no longer show up at baseball games.

I certainly don't know the solution on a grand scale, but in the meantime, check on your neighbors and be kind to others.

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