We know men from Maine can be tough. Well, 88-year-old Norman Kenney may take the cake after fighting off two rabid foxes at his home in Bath.

In September the first fox attacked him. According to WMTW, Kenney stepped on the fox's neck and killed it. Then last week another fox bit his face despite Kenney trying to fight it off with his cane. Kenney then held the fox down until officers arrived on the scene and killed it. It was confirmed that both foxes were rabid. Kenney was treated at the hospital and released

Kenney's story has now gone viral gaining the attention of late-night host, Seth Meyers. During his monologue Wednesday night Meyers used the situation to poke fun at Fox News. The bit starts at 1:52.

Bath had 16 confirmed cases of rabies last year alone. Let's hope poor Norman can catch a break going forward.

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