Zachary Fowler is a YouTube star who lives in Appleton, Maine and loves the outdoors. He's probably more comfortable out in the wilderness than he is at home, considering he won $500,000 on History Channel's Alone after her survived 87 days alone in Patagonia, South America in 2016.

His YouTube channel, Fowler's Makery and Mischiefhas over 800,000 subscribers and millions of views of his videos of his adventures including fishing, outdoor survival in Maine and demonstrations of his skill with a slingshot.

He also likes to build things. One would think his latest project would seem impossible to actually get to work, but this guy doesn't flinch at the word impossible without at least giving all he's got to make it happen.

The latest challenge he took on was to build a functioning hovercraft for use on frozen Seven Tree Pond in Union. If it was successful, he could use it as transportation to get to a flag while he's ice fishing. All he needed was some building supplies from Home Depot, a couple of inflatable air mattresses and 10 leaf blowers.

It totally worked! Although, the snow on the ice wasn't helping it move very fast, so Fowler's next test is over open water where he thinks that he will get more speed. Another problem he ran into was a burnt out switch he built for the four leaf blowers that provide the propulsion for the hovercraft.

My money is on Fowler for perfecting this and I'll be waiting for his next video to see him gliding across the open water of Seven Tree Pond shouting "It works!"



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