We found photos of this beautiful igloo under construction on Reddit this week. The builder is in the Bangor area.

How the heck are these wicked smart and creative Mainers doing this?



Igloo In Progress Update from r/Maine


We found some more behind-the-scenes photos to share with you.

Here's the igloo early on. There must be a light or fire inside that makes the igloo glow. It's beautiful!



Aha! Here's the magic behind getting the ice to turn colors. There are over 50 bins (not all shown here) of water that freezes with the different colored dye to make the amazing ice blocks.


Whoever is behind this igloo certainly has some great artistic instincts. They had a leaf on their front stoop that they added into one of the molds. Really cool!




We can't wait to see the finished product We'll keep updating you as the igloo nears completion. Maybe they will get it done this weekend! Meanwhile, if you are out in the fresh snow this weekend, you might want to build your own igloo! Here's a good "beginner igloo" for you.



Or if you and your crew really want to go for it, you can try and beat the World Record for the largest igloo. We may need a bunch more snow for that to happen!



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