It's another day and another scam here in the state of Maine. Why? Why can't people just leave well enough alone and not target the state's most vulnerable population and try to scam them out of their hard-earned, and oftentimes, limited income? Because people are useless losers, that's why. AKA, people suck.

According to WGME 13, officials in Maine are once again warning against a widespread scam that is now affecting the elderly population here in Maine. As a matter of fact, some people in Sothern Maine have already been scammed out of cash- and the scammers showed up at their house!

WGME says the latest scam to con Mainers out of their cold-hard-cash is called the grandparent scam. They say that what will initially happen is an elderly person, or couple, will get a phone call from someone claiming to be a relative or friend of a relative.

After gaining a little bit of trust, the scammer on the line will tell the elderly person that their grandson or granddaughter is in trouble and is in need of bail money to get them out of jail.

The scammer will then tell the Maine victim what the amount of money they need to get their grandchild out of jail is, and then will literally show up at the elderly's home to take the money from them right at their door.

York, Maine police report that in the last couple of weeks this has happened to multiple residents of their town, and they are working diligently to figure out who may have been behind this, all while working to educate the public on the dangers of this latest scam to hit the area.

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