For those still searching for love...or something else, Maine ranks amongst the best in the country for having a safe online dating experience. 

Forget blind dates or meeting up at the roller rink, the new age of dating has been here for awhile and doesn't seem to be going anywhere. But one of the biggest fears expressed by anyone who jumps into the online dating world of Tinder, Plenty of Fish or Bumble safe is this? Well, if you live in Maine, there's some good news.

Via Safewise and
Via Safewise and

According to, Maine ranks #2 in the country (right behind Vermont) for users having the safest online experience. A number of factors went into their rankings, including crime data rates per capita as well as reported cases of STD's within state lines. Pair that with additional, smaller factors and boom, you have a list.

Maine, like Vermont, benefits from being an older state and having low crime rates. Maine also ranks 3rd on the CDC's list of lowest rate of STD's per capita. Those two factors alone typically lead to a positive online dating experience.

One additional factor is Maine's sex education policies. Maine requires sex education in schools as well contraception information being distributed. States that don't typically have more crime and higher STD rates. Go figure.

So there you go, online dating in Maine is better than 48 other states in the country. We're guessing you can swipe right on that news.

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