Don't you hate when you're on your way to work on a Wednesday morning and end up accidentally stealing an elderly lady's handbag? Yeah, me too. Fortunately, the Maine State Police believe it was a well-intentioned accident.

According to the Maine State Police Facebook Page, a good Samaritan was on his way to work Wednesday morning when he came across an older couple who had broken down on route 46 in Bucksport.

The good Samaritan was planning on giving them a ride to safety until a Maine State Trooper came upon the scene and also stopped to assist. It was as that time that the good Samaritan was cleared on his way, leaving the Trooper to handle the rest of the good deed.

However, after the man had left, the lady quickly realized she had put her purse in his vehicle in preparation for the ride.. but he drove off after the trooper arrived. Maine State Police are asking the good Samaritan, or someone who knows who he is, to contact them at 207.973.3700.

Again, officials believe this was just an accident and not any kind of criminal activity. Also, they provided a photo from the State Police dash-cam of the vehicle the Samaritan was driving.

Maine State Police Dash Cam_2
Maine State Police Dash Cam_2

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