In a world where we've become almost obsessed with the destruction of longstanding statues and monuments, it's kind of refreshing to see one being carefully cared for and put up for sale. Because, let's be honest, they could get rid of this a lot faster by letting an angry mob tear it down in a fit of rage in the middle of the night.

Okay, I promised this wasn't going to be a political post, so let's get back on track. The whole point here is that the town of Corinna, Maine is selling a mirror-like statue of the fictional horse-character Pegasus. And, of you think this is something you would like to own, they're only asking $18,000.00. I mean, seriously, that's a killer deal.. I've never paid less than $20,000 for a Pegasus statue before.

Now, you're probably wondering why in the world the town of Corinna even has this thing in the first place, right? Well the statue stands in the hallway of the former, now vacant, elementary school. It's 17-feet tall and has been keeping guard over the long empty hallway that it towers over for years. Sadly, the time has come for Pegasus to find his was to a new home. The town is in the process of converting the old elementary school into a community center.

Part of the conversion is going to require some updates that will be fairly expensive. Those updates include putting a new roof on the building and even moving the heating system from down in the basement up a level to make it more efficient. This is what proceeds from the statue sale will go towards.

If you're interested in this bad boy, you can see the marketplace listing by clicking right here,or you can call the Corinna town office at 207-278-4183. Make them a solid offer on this and help them out.

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