According to News Center Maine, the Maine Forest Service has banned outside burning until further notice because of the high fire danger and the huge amount of wildfires we've had in Maine already this season. As of Monday, we've had 663 reported wildfires, the second highest number in ten years.

Conditions for wildfires have been near perfect; with dry, hot weather and blowing winds. A carelessly discarded cigarette, a campfire that isn't properly extinguished or a backyard brush burning that got out of hand can all lead to wild fires. Over 847 acres of land in Maine have burned already.

According to News Center's article, earlier this month nearly 240 acres of wildlands burned and the cost of fighting the fire was over $100,00. The real hit however, was the cost in wild life and their habitat. A 28-year-old man was charged with illegal disposal of lighted material that ignited the fire that scorched part of Robinson/May Mountain.

For the Maine Forest Service and firefighters, one of the biggest challenges can be actually getting the fire trucks to the fire. Sometimes they need to build roads or drop water from helicopters to fight wildfires.

In 2019 Maine had a total of 356 wildfires, we've already had 663 and it's only June. Let's be safe out there and be aware of the potential for accidentally starting a fire that could very quickly burn out of control and destroy homes, businesses and our wildlife.

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