Jodi Theriault, a fitness trainer from Portland, will attempt to out duel 8 other contestants on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's reality show Broken Skull Challenge, airing February 14th on Country Music Television.

According to a press release from CMT, the network the reality show airs on, Theriault will appear on the Valentine's Day episode of the show and is hopeful to win the grand prize, $10,000, so that she can take her children on a vacation to Disney World.

But Theriault's reasons for entering into the competition may not stop there. The promotional release from CMT also included this: "After getting hit by a car, her doctor told her that she would have trouble walking.  But against her doctor’s advice, Jodi entered a marathon and placed. Giving up isn’t an option for Jodi, ever. With a background as an All-American soccer player, kickboxing, and marathon running, Jodi has the skill set and the gas tank to take her all the way to the Skullbuster.”

For those unfamiliar with the show, former WWE Superstar "Stone Cold" Steve Austin brings 8 contestants to his "Broken Skull Ranch" to compete in a serious of physically taxing challenges. All contestants face off one on one, until there is only one contestant remaining. That final contestant must complete Austin's unique "skull buster" obstacle course, similar to what you'd see on NBC's reality show American Ninja Warrior. Throughout the show, Austin challenges those contestants with verbal barbs, similar to his professional wrestling character.

Thanks to Bangor Daily News blogger Seth Koenig, everyone in Maine can tune in on Feb 14th to cheer Jodi on. Read Seth's take here and don't forget to tune in and watch Jodi make the entire state of Maine proud!


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