Well it's called Vacationland for a reason, right? Well..not that reason specifically but in this instance it works out well. According to ProjectTimeOff.com, Maine ranks #1 in the country when it comes to actually using their allotted vacation time given by employers. But you may be shocked to see how many vacation days go unused amongst your fellow work force.

Maine's working population leaves 38% of their vacation days unused per year, which is shockingly the lowest number in the country. Mainers don't have the same fears as workers in other states, like seeming less dedicated because they use vacation time or fearing missing out on a promotion because they're taking some time off. Think about the overworked population of New Hampshire, that leaves 77% of their vacation time on the books. Those two fears are the highest in that state. Wild.

If you put those percentages into actual days, Mainers leave roughly 2.6 million vacation days unused. They could be boating, fishing, camping, or just staying in bed all day but instead, they're at work and not decompressing. The good news? 54% of Maine people believe their company encourages them to take time off without the threat of falling behind on their work and having nobody to "fill in for them". That number has continually risen over the last 5 years.

So if you're feeling overworked and under-vacationed, you're not alone. Most of the rest of this country has that same problem. Here in Maine though, you may want to look at your opportunities, as more and more business are realizing vacations and time off make for happier and more productive employees.

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