Maine fishermen have to endure a lot when they are out on the waters off the coast of Maine, in all kinds of weather making a living. One thing that is of the utmost importance is to be able to handle the rough seas without throwing up all over yourself. If you can't, you'll end up bent over at the stern of the boat launching your breakfast overboard like this Maine YouTuber did.

Teagan Wright of Brunswick hosts a YouTube series called From Awaywhere he experiences purely Maine things like black bear tagging and tracking, snowmobile racing, and turning potatoes in vodka. It's a little like a Maine version of Dirty Jobs.

On one of his recent episodes, he hopped aboard a scallop boat on a cold Maine morning to find out what it's like to work as a scallop fisherman. I love me some baked or fried scallops, but like most of us, I never put a lot of thought into how they get from the waters of Maine onto my plate. Teagan opened my eyes to it with his fascinating video of him being put to work on the boat.

Scallops have similar shells to oysters, and the part that most of us eat is the adductor muscle that is used to open and close the scallop's shell. It's delicious!

While pulling nets full of scallops out of the water, the sea got a little rough. Teagan was working the boat and learning the trade, and he started to feel a bit queasy. It kind of snowballed from there and he ended up throwing up over the stern.

"It's just like when you're drinking, you know?" he said in the video after he lost it. "Sometimes you just gotta pull the trigger, fingers of destiny, then you get right back in the game."

If you want to see the part where things go south for him, jump ahead to around 6:38. If you can't stand seeing someone throw up, no worries. No vomit was seen during the shoot.

I highly recommend you watch the entire video so you can learn, like I did, what a day in the life of a scallop fisherman is like, so you have even more appreciation the next time you're enjoying those delicious scallops seared in lemon garlic butter.

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