Miles Carey-Snow is a 28-year old photographer and entrepreneur currently living in LA. But he was born and raised in Maine.

Right before the world shut down, he was due to come back to Maine and into the studio to chat with the station that was the soundtrack to his life. He's been able to work with and around many of the same artists he grew up listening to.

He's got a cool gig too! He's a blogger and created 'Stay Eatin' Bruh'. He says that he's...'bringing the food and entertainment worlds together, Stay Eatin' Bruh highlights the best cuisines nationwide. Special guests are common & laughter is guaranteed.' And he always keeps in touch with his Maine roots.


Beyond connecting with his Maine roots, he IS funny and entertaining AF. Check out his latest music video!


He was born in Portland, lived in Brunswick til middle school then moved back to Portland. If you listen close he gives a shoutout to "Highroller" the lobster company in Portland (near the end of the second verse).

The pandemic has stopped him from coming into the studio, but this thing can't last forever and we will get to meet Miles. In the meantime, he's off eating food and entertaining in Los Angeles!



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