The irony of this article became apparent to me as I realized that just this morning I threw two of my own bags of trash into the radio station dumpster before coming inside. However, I work here, and my employer knows I'm a shady cat so let's stay on the topic at hand here, shall we?

Yesterday while scrolling through the book of face, I came across a post from a friend of mine out in the China, Maine area. I'm not going to say who it was or exactly where it happened, but she runs an amazing business and is a good friend of mine.

She had posted a picture on her Facebook yesterday of the dumpster behind her business. Kind of an odd thing to do, right? Posting a picture of your overflowing dumpster on social media doesn't seem like something that would garner many 'likes'. Well, that was not even close to the point of the post.

While my friend and her husband were away from the business for a couple hours someone stopped by and threw all their trash away in her dumpster. Like to the point that it was overflowing. What an absolute trashy (yes, I see what I did there) thing to do to someone else.

For starters, can we just move past the fact that it's against the law to throw your trash in someone else's paid dumpster? Let's take a look at the even skeezier (apparently that's not how you spell skeezier) problem with this whole thing. Someone actually TRESPASSED on their property to get to the dumpster in the first place!

So between trespassing and theft of services, at least two laws were broken during this incident. Not to mention my friends now have to deal with someone else's trash as they work to identify who may have done this in the first place.

So again, this is just a gentle reminder to people who may think it's not a big deal... it is, and you definitely shouldn't do it. Now please excuse me while I go back and delete the part of this where I admit to using my employer's dumpster on occasion.

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