Maine is a beautiful state.

In fact, it's one of the prettiest there is. It's a major reason why millions of tourists visit Maine every single year.

We have Acadia National Park, Baxter and the rest of the state parks, remote wilderness, incredible rolling hills, an unmatched coastline, and quite a foliage season. Maine's beauty knows no bounds. It's just too bad humans keep trying to ruin it.

Get a load of this.

This was posted recently by the Maine Forest Rangers on social media. Yes, it's a mattress set just carelessly dumped on private land. This is quite a heinous act that someone did on purpose. Try and comprehend that for a second. Someone knowingly did this and thought it was perfectly acceptable. How disgusting is that?

I will never understand people's lack of respect for our planet. We get one shot at this, guys. We have Earth, and that's it (at least until there's a plausible plan to terraform Mars, and that is probably a few generations away).

And honestly, who still litters? What kind of human filth goes out there and knowingly just throws trash wherever they want? This isn't the 1970s. I would hope we have all evolved past the Neanderthal stage, but here we are.

The other major issue is about private property. The forest rangers make an excellent point that more and more land is being cut off for use. That means less hunting and outdoor recreation for many Mainers (the majority being law-abiding).

Honestly, I don't blame the landowners one bit. I would close my land off too if this was the thanks I was going to get from my neighbors and peers.

These situations stink to high heaven. I hope whoever did this is caught, or perhaps grows a conscience and owns up to it. This is a wonderful state. It would be a shame if the Neanderthals take control of it.

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