With Maine's warm months being such a short, ever-fleeting time of the year, we have to make the most of the bearable temperatures while they're here. That, unfortunately, means that we have to deal with every pair of crocs in the state being worn at once, which if looked at directly, causes spontaneous baldness. However, that also means we get to pack in all our ice cream consumption in a short time span, mostly guilt free!

When looking into some interesting ice cream places to try out, I stumbled upon this - a trail of sorts, leading you on both a tour of the state, and a day or more's worth of cold, savory goodness. Have a look at the map below, put together by the folks at onlyinyourstate.com:

Taking you all the way from Kennebunkport to Houlton, this list definitely hits a lot of the important bases. I was happy to see Kettle Cove made the list, as Cape is my old stomping ground. For the full list, check out the article here.

Roadtrip, anyone?

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