No matter where you are in the world, there will be some things that you do not understand. Maybe it's because of an accent and you misunderstand what someone is saying, or you just simply have no idea what someone is talking about.

Accents and slang terms are just about everywhere. Sometimes it can be hard to fully understand someone from another state or country.

When people think about New England they mainly think about Bostonian accents, but there is more than just Boston in New England.

Maine is another place that has its own terms, or slang. It can be difficult to understand a Mainer if you are from anywhere other than Maine (or to be honest, even someone that moved away from Maine).

If you need a better understanding of things that Mainers say, this TikTok about "Maineisms" may help.

Now if you are a true Mainer, you will fully understand what other Mainers are saying.

You will not need to question what "ayuh" means (in case you were wondering, it means uh-huh) or ask what a Marden's is (a discount store that has just about everything).

Maine gets a lot of tourists every year, and it seems like more and more people are moving to Maine. This means Mainers are used to having to explain things to newbies or people visiting.

Sometimes Google may be better than asking, but I asked Mainers what they often have to explain to people from far away. The results are in.

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