When you're scrolling through the Maine Reddit, you'll usually find people asking about jobs/housing, a few photos of Maine's amazing beauty and OCCASIONALLY you'll find a really fair and honest question that makes you chuckle. Well, this is that.

Without contacting the people at Oxford English Dictionary, we are going to state, unequivocally, that Bub is officially a word in Maine. BUT, it's highly likely it's a word in many others states too. And while the Redditor mentions he's been using Bub in conversations with males since moving to Maine, let us also state for the record that Bub knows no gender, as many females in Maine will use Bub when talking to each other. Similarly, many males will use it in reference to females as well. Matter of fact, Bub can also be used to reference pets on rare occasions.

So that's settled. Bub, the official slang word of Maine.

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