A schoolteacher Korn fan on TikTok is using his knowledge of nu-metal to teach the ABCs.

Nick Harrison, who posts under the handle @mrprofessor318, went viral last week with a headbang-worthy new alphabet song set to Korn's "Coming Undone." In the clip, Harrison belts his rock ABCs while rocking out in his classroom, and the video got so popular that Korn singer Jonathan Davis subsequently lent his approval.

Because, really, what would you have done if your teacher started playing Korn music while acting like a rock star and singing those letters? For this instructor, that type of fun seems the usual.

"That's right!" Harrison sings in the intro of his “Alphabet Coming Undone.” “Please raise your hand in my class!"

Nick Harrison, “Alphabet Coming Undone”

About a day after Harrison shared his Korn ABCs, the teacher added a follow-up on TikTok where he was enthused about getting an online reaction from Davis. He held up his phone screen to show the post and message from the Korn singer on Instagram.

"I should be in bed right now," Harrison says in the subsequent video. "I should be sleeping — I mean, I am a teacher. But when Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of Korn, of course, posts your video to his Instagram story — I can't even talk, man! Thank you guys so much, you're awesome!"

And it looks like Harrison's a deep appreciator of rock and metal from a wide range of other bands. In further videos of him in his classroom and out in everyday life, the schoolteacher gets live to the sounds of Metallica's "Fuel," Limp Bizkit's "Rollin'" and more.

Talk about an awesome teacher.

After all, the children are our future. And Nick Harrison's music-fueled ABC energy is just the boost of educational rock 'n' roll we need right now.

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