Bob Marley's "Waiting in Vain" seems more relevant than ever now.

The Bangor Daily News reports that residents of Kennebunk held a town hall style meeting yesterday, during which they voted overwhelmingly in favor of a 180 day moratorium on marijuana shops and social clubs in the surrounding area. This follows similar moves by towns like Biddeford, which just passed its own 180 day moratorium in January, as well as the White House recently stating that it will be cracking down on legal pot across the country. This will undoubtedly be a bummer to excited stoners waiting on retail stores, and the fast food chains looking to put new locations in next to said stores.

The moratorium is said to give local lawmakers and municipal planners time to hash out the exact details on where these places would allowed to be, and what restrictions would be put on their operations. Municipalities are given the powers to regulate the number of locations of such stores, as well as the guidelines for their operations, under the provisions of the Marijuana Legalization Act.

The moratorium will expire in early September, and would have to be renewed if the town needed more time to set the details straight. For the time being, Mainers will have to keep the party in their basements, That 70's Show style.

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