Before Mark Wahlberg became famous, he bagged groceries at the Stop & Shop in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Mark, who is a Dorchester native stopped by to ask for his job back and posed with customers taking pictures with them.

What a treat for the crowd doing some grocery shopping. In the video he says that bagging groceries was his first paid job when he was 17 back in 1998 working for $3.65 an hour. Um, we love ya Mark, but you are off by about a decade. As points out, by 1998, Mark was 27 and an underwear model, and a movie star in 1997's 'Boogie Nights'.

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The comments on the Instagram post are so great. A lot of love for the Mass native.

  • ...the most townie thing you’ll see today.
  • You can bag my groceries anytime
  • Nicest guy ever. I used to clean his and Donnie’s teeth. He told me a story once how when he was doing the Calvin Klein underwear ads his mother (God rest her soul) gave him belts for Christmas because she was afraid his pants were always falling down😂lol. Great family. great to see him remembering his roots. Keep flossing Mark
  • Number one in my book of Hollywood actors
  • Didn't Ted have his first job at a grocery store?

I have to say I think this is super cool. This is on the heels of Ben Affleck getting a job at Dunkin' and I'm thinking that heading to Massachusetts might get you a glimpse of one of your favorite actors!

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