Hampton, New Hampshire, may only be a scant few miles from the border of Massachusetts, and even if you spend most of your time in the Bay State, it doesn't mean you can vote there.

However, one Hampton couple attempted to beat the system.


According to Boston.com, John Fleming Jr. and Grace Fleming pleaded guilty Monday to knowingly voting in New Hampshire and Massachusetts and were handed suspended jail sentences.

The two were accused of voting in both states after the November 2016 election. After pleading guilty in Rockingham County Superior Court, John and Grace were given 60 day suspended jail sentences.

Voting fraud is increasingly become an issue.

Recently, New Hampshire hired an investigator to enforce voting laws. The Flemmings weren't the only voters on the radar.

According to Boston.com, one other person has plead guilty to voting in two states and at least three others are likely to be on trial for violating voting laws in the 2016 and 2018 elections.

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