The measles outbreak has been all over the news for quite some time reporting on over 800 confirmed cases throughout the country so far this year and Maine has been lucky enough to avoid the disease until yesterday when The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention says the first confirmed case of measles in the state involves a child from Somerset County.

The Associated Press is reporting the child had been vaccinated and has recovered from the disease and, luckily did not experience any serious complications though it's still unclear where the child contracted measles. The facilities where potential exposure occurred have been notified according to the story.

The symptoms of measles usually appear about 7 to 14 days after a person is infected. Early sings and symptoms include a high fever, cough with a runny nose and red, watery eyes with tiny white spots showing up in the mouth a few days later. Then 3 to 5 days after that the familiar red rash appears on the face at the hairline and spreads downward eventually covering the entire body according to the CDC website.

The state says people who aren’t vaccinated should receive at least one dose of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, which is easily available.


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